Running the Bernie Way

Thank you to all who have stepped up to support our campaign. We are coming up on our end of the year fundraising deadline and we need all your help.

Our first reporting period closes on December 31, and we must show that there is grassroots support for electing a bold progressive as our next governor.

This can’t be politics as usual because we live in unusual times. The super-rich have taken more and more of our nation’s wealth, and they will stop at nothing. No rule, no law, no procedure, and no sense of decency will stop them until they have it all. We must have a governor who will stand up to them, who will use the power of the governor’s office to give ordinary folks a hand up, and who can’t be bullied or intimidated.

I am the only DFL candidate for governor who supported Bernie Sanders, because he was talking about our rigged economy and what we need to move forward. I know I can win next November because Bernie Sanders showed us that ordinary folks will be with us if we are with them. People are sick of partisanship, but they know there are sides—and they will support someone who they know is on theirs. They want us to work for health care—not health insurance. They want education for themselves and their kids—without going deep into debt. They want clean water, clean air, and clean energy. They want economic justice and security, with work that pays enough to support a decent life. They want to know that they—not the 21st Century robber barons who want it all—matter in Minnesota.

Weekly EmailLeo Alfred