Mass x Velocity

When we started this campaign I wasn’t sure what would happen.

I’ve been elected to the Minnesota House 7 times, but I never planned to run for statewide office. Then 2016 happened, and I could not bear the thought of having a Republican win the governor’s office. I thought Minnesota needed a bold progressive to run for Governor and give Minnesotans a vision of a future they could believe in. Equally important, we needed someone who would use the power of the office for ordinary Minnesotans and stand up to the billionaires and right-wingers who will take every bit of wealth and power unless we stop them.

I know some bold progressives who would make great governors, but when none would enter the race I decided to run myself.

I started behind in name recognition, organization, and money. Getting my name and message out was slow at first, but momentum has built month by month. As I visit DFLers around the state, I meet lots of people who agree with what I stand for and support my campaign. As the end of 2017 arrives, momentum has really started to build.

In the past month, the number of contributors to our campaign has quadrupled and your donations have increased by 325%. Your support has allowed us to hire a new campaign manager who will guide the campaign through the caucuses and beyond. 

This campaign is taking off!

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