There Is No Alternative

This summer I’ve been traveling the state, talking with as many DFLers as possible about the direction of our state and why I’m in this race. I tell them I’m a bold progressive from Greater Minnesota, I turned a 30-year red district to blue, and I have been elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives seven times. 

I tell them I grew up in Minneapolis, with a dad who took me all over the state and taught me that the heroes of Minnesota are the people who work hard every day to make life better for their families, themselves, and their communities. Dad taught me that those folks matter more than the wealthy CEOs and power-hungry politicians who think the world was made just for them.

I tell them I’m a lawyer with a degree in Public Health, I’ve been married almost 32 years, and I’ve raised three kids. My first grandchild was born this year. I worked my way through college at the U of M when you could still do that, and I hate that today’s students don’t have the same opportunities I had.

Then I tell people that—of course—we must elect a DFL governor to succeed Governor Dayton, but that person must be able to stand up for our values and not be bullied or intimidated. And that’s what I’m known for in the Minnesota legislature: fighting for the everyday heroes who need someone on their side to stand up to the corporations and special interests. 

I never put my finger in the wind to find out which side I should be on, so you always know who I am, where I stand, and that every decision is for the people I serve.

I’m in this race because Minnesota needs a bold progressive to lead us forward—because too many Minnesotans are still not getting ahead. They can’t get the health care they need without going broke, can’t afford child care or higher education, are drowning in debt, and can’t afford to retire. I believe Minnesota can do better, and I’m ready to lead. If you want the next governor of Minnesota to be a bold progressive, There Is No Alternative.

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