This is for you, Bud

In today's economy, a high school education is no longer enough. A successful career usually requires strong basic education and advanced skills. Too often, talent goes undeveloped and potential is unrealized because families can't afford the education their children need. 

Enter Budweiser. Really. Budweiser has posted a moving video in which actor Adam Driver delivers an education scholarship to the deserving daughter of a wounded veteran. The scholarship will pay her $44,000 (gulp!) tuition bill so she can complete nursing school.

We congratulate this young woman, who can now pursue her dreams and give back to others because she is both worthy and very, very lucky. But how many of us can count on Adam Driver to bring a check?

Smart, dedicated young people should not have to hope Budweiser-or some other corporate entity or charity-will give them a chance to succeed in life. Their government should help them because their success helps us all. Minnesota should offer two years of free post-high school education for every Minnesota student, so they can make their dreams happen and make us all proud.