A Mugging on the Corner

Years ago, I was attacked on a Minneapolis street corner by a group of girls who wanted my purse. I was coming from my waitress job and was not about to part with the few tips I had earned. They beat me up but did not get the purse. After that I took up karate. Self-defense is a basic need and a right under Minnesota law.
The desire to protect self and family is why many people want a gun: a gun in the home, a gun at the workplace, a gun carried on the person. But America is awash in guns, and they have not made us safer. Too often, they kill or injure their owners or other innocent people-either accidentally or intentionally. Too often, an impulse that could pass becomes a suicide when a person has easy access to a gun.

Reducing gun violence in Minnesota should start with making sure that people who can't safely handle guns-like criminals, the mentally unstable, and children-don't get access. We need common-sense laws-like universal background checks-to keep guns out of the wrong hands. No policy works perfectly, but we can still take steps to reduce injury and death from firearms. 

We all deserve to feel safe and secure. The gun lobby pushes extreme policies and stokes fears in order to sell more and more guns. As governor, I'll stand up to the gun lobby and support reasonable gun laws that make all Minnesotans safer.