Pay Us What We're Worth

We Minnesotans are hard workers and our state's many successes show it, but too many feel themselves on a speeding treadmill they can't get off. Many work two or three jobs-without benefits-just to survive. There's little job security, health insurance is an expensive nightmare, education and training are out of reach, and retirement is a luxury many can't afford.
In 2016, Bernie Sanders told us that the economy is rigged. It's still rigged! From 1973 to 2014, working people raised their productivity by 72%, but the typical worker's pay and benefits went up just 9% over the same 41 years. (Where did the extra go? CEO pay went up over 940%.) No wonder so many hard-working Minnesotans feel so desperate.
What can Minnesota government do to unrig the economy? Plenty! First, raise the minimum wage! Require earned sick leave and paid family leave! Offer free college or technical training! Deliver universal, single-payer health care, so everyone gets the care they need and no one has to limit work or stay in the wrong job just to keep affordable insurance! Strengthen collective bargaining rights!

Minnesota can deliver policies that lift up our workers and their families. As governor, I'll fight to make Minnesota a place where work really pays.