Republican Health Care Act

Republicans sent a clear message to Americans last week: If you get sick, you're on your own. But if you're rich, they've got your back.

For seven years Republicans in Congress have blasted the Affordable Care Act for its flaws, whether real, imagined, or created by them. They were in such a rush to destroy Obamacare that they passed the (cough!) American Health Care Act without even reading it or finding out what it would cost.

The "moderate" Republicans were nervous about stiffing people with pre-existing conditions (that's most of us!) so the leaders got their votes by letting the states do the dirty work instead. If the bill becomes law, states will have the "opportunity" to let insurers abuse consumers even more than they can now. When I'm governor, that won't happen in Minnesota.

When you get sick you should see the doctor, get treated, and get well-not deal with insurance companies. If you are sick of insurance-sick of shopping for it, paying too much for it, figuring out how to use it, hoping the medical bills will be paid, and making call after call to fix the inevitable mistakes-especially when you're sick-then stand with me now as I run for governor.