Health Care when You Need it

We all need health care, but few of us can afford a major illness or accident. The Affordable Care Act did a lot of good, but for many people insurance is still not affordable, and even when we have it we can't always get care. Minnesotans don't need health insurance. We need high-quality, affordable health care that is there when we need it.

Every other developed country is doing it and we can, too. I've worked on Minnesota's health system for over 10 years so I know we can do better.   Whether we call it Universal Health Care, Medicare-for-All, or Single-Payer health care, Minnesota can lead the way to a healthcare system focused on your health, not your wallet. I am running for Governor because I believe Minnesota can deliver real health care security: the security of knowing you can get care you need when you need it, without worrying about the bills.  

As Governor, I will stand up to the insurance companies that stand between you and the care you need.