Is this a Democracy?

The 2017 legislative session has just ended, and the governor called an immediate Special Session. During the past 5 months the Republicans laid out their agenda for the state: cut taxes and give hand-outs to wealthy special interests while cutting public education, health care, and government services, punishing protesters, taking control of local governments, and demonizing immigrants. DFL legislators have had little input throughout the session and-at Republican insistence-were not in the room during most negotiations. Now legislators are told there is a "handshake" deal on Minnesota's two year budget with an agreement to have the bills prepared in one day and passed by the legislature by 7 am tomorrow.

There is enormous pressure on the governor to reach a deal and prevent a government shutdown and other harmful outcomes. The governor has a great deal of power, but it takes a strong backbone to use the tools available. Those tools include engaging DFL legislators and the public to support the Minnesota we believe in. That's why I am running, and why you should support my campaign.

As governor, I will stand up as I always have for Minnesota values: fairness, inclusion, opportunity for the next generation and for all who struggle to get ahead, and having each other's backs in hard times. I will lead from a vision of the possible, not a reaction to the Republican message of fear and division.

My campaign will not be supported by the big donors who seek influence at the capitol. We've seen the power of grassroots democracy. Let's do it again.