Arise, then, Women of this Day

"Arise, then, women of this day. Arise all women who have hearts." This was Julia Ward Howe's call to action in her Mother's Day Proclamation of 1870.

After the horrors of the Civil War, Howe called on women across nations to convene and plan how to put an end to all wars. This was the beginning of Mother's Day: a visionary effort to bring women's leadership to bear on one of humankind's most intractable problems.

Almost 150 years later, we've made progress on many problems of Howe's era, but we have more to do. We must make quality, affordable health care accessible to all. We must protect our environment for our children and grandchildren. We must prepare our students for the future without leaving them a world of debt. And we must build an economy that works for all Minnesotans, not just the rich or well-connected. These goals are possible if we work to make them real. These are the reasons I'm running for Governor.

As we observe Mother's Day, let's believe in Minnesota. Like Julia Ward Howe, we won't take "impossible" for an answer.

Happy Mother's Day!