Why I'm Running

When I was a little girl my dad took me on trips around the state as he photographed the people of Minnesota in the places where they lived and worked. He taught me that the real heroes in life were the men and women who got up every day and worked hard to take care of themselves and their families and to make life just a little better. He often talked about the “big shots” who made life harder for people who struggled, and I grew up wanting to make sure everyone got a fair shake in life. That’s why I became a lawyer, why I have run for office 8 times, and why I’m running for governor in 2018.

While the US economy has grown and Minnesota continues to lead on many measures, too many of our children are growing up in poverty, too many people can’t find a good job with decent pay and benefits, and too many of us can’t afford to retire. And just about everyone is worried what will happen if they can’t get or can’t afford health insurance. We can do better. 

I’ve been fighting for Minnesotans since 2002, when I first ran for the Minnesota House. Rochester had never elected a DFLer to the legislature and I lost that year, but I persisted. The following cycle I turned my red district blue and am now in my 7th term. I’ve won election after election without compromising my values because people know I am who I say I am and that I care about them.

Republicans now control the Minnesota House and Senate, and they are showing us what they would do if they had their way:  cut, cut, cut! They want tax cuts for the rich and cuts to services Minnesotans need: cuts to education, cuts to health care, and cuts to environmental protection. They want government to be weak—so it can’t protect us against the powerful or even the odds for those not born to wealth and privilege.

We have a different vision. We believe that all Minnesota children can grow up healthy and full of hope. We believe that our economy can work for all, not just the wealthy and well connected. We believe Minnesota can welcome new Americans and grow stronger together. We believe that we can preserve and protect our natural resources for the benefit of all. And we believe that Minnesotans can have quality health care without having to deal with insurance companies. Minnesota can do all that and more if we have the bold leadership we need.

Paul Wellstone showed us that bold, authentic leadership wins elections. In an era when many politicians say what they think voters want to hear, I stand, as I always have, for what I think is right. 

I stand up to the big shots on behalf of Minnesota’s heroes. Stand with me.