What did you do?

Devastating hurricanes destroy cities and fires are burning out of control. Hardly a day goes by that we are not reminded that the earth’s climate is changing rapidly.

There is a difference between weather and climate, of course. But we now know that warm winter days, summer scorchers, and severe storms are increasing due to earth’s increasing temperature. 

Other than nuclear annihilation, this is the biggest challenge facing humankind—the one our children and grandchildren will ask about. “Where were you when…?” “What did you do to try to stop it?”

Slowing climate change—stopping it if possible—may be expensive. Not slowing it, not reversing it, will be devastating. 

Most DFLers are concerned about human-caused climate change and all of the DFL candidates for governor say they want to move quickly to a green economy, to slow climate change and create new jobs. But taking action on climate change will take more than a plan. It will take leadership that stands up to the corporations making money on fossil fuels and other unsustainable practices. It will take boldness to work for family-sustaining jobs without giving in to the fear that good jobs will only exist if corporate CEOs get their way. 

As Minnesota’s governor, I will put ordinary Minnesotans—especially our children—at the center of government’s concerns. Together, we will do whatever we can to tackle climate change and preserve our world for future generations.

Weekly EmailLeo Alfred